Oct 20, 2011

Joanie's Pinto Purse

I bought the cutest new purse online at Target (this one is not sold in stores)! They fished me right in with their "buy 1- get 1 50% off"! I actually went looking for this purse... but as soon as I saw THIS ONE I knew I had to have it too. (See how well that works out... buy 1 get 1?)

pinto purse

Look at the darling detail work!

purse detail

Now I know that they say that this is a cow purse (which in never bad in my opinion) ... BUT it looks just like a pinto pony to me! So that's what it is!

I just want to go somewhere so I can carry my new purse... silly girl!

(On another funny note- when I was tagging this post I found that "shopping" is no where to be found in my tag cloud!  I guess that's a good thing!)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

My Misty would love that bag I think...I may have to check it out!!!

Anke said...

cool bag!!! That was a deal hard to resist! :)
How do you add a search engine? And I guess that means you have to add tags to all your blog posts LOL. I never know what to tag them with so I generally don't. There goes my search...
I love the photo treatment on the previous post, your Beatrix looks awesome!