Oct 29, 2011

Virginia Creeper

I know that there are some who consider Virginia creeper to be a weed.  One to be stamped out, uprooted, and banished. But I don't happen to one of them. I love the happy leaves and purple berries. I love the way it enfolds a home, fence or chimney.

I grew up hearing my mom talk about Virginia creeper but I don't remember that we had any around our place. The first time I truly appreciated it was in the fall of 1974. We were living in Priest River, Idaho. There, on the west side of town, was a house that had an enormous fir tree growing in the front yard- you know the kind- it dwarfs the house in the yard it is so huge! That fall I saw the Virginia creeper, which had previously gone unnoticed, glowing in shades of vermillion and crimson, purple and scarlet! What a beautiful sight.

virginia creeper

So when Virginia moved into my yard of her own accord I encouraged her. Frankly it's been a slow process. This is the third year since she appeared growing along the fence. I'm sure that having a new fence built (18 months ago) knocked her growth back a little.  I finally feel like not only is she going to make it but she is thriving!

And, as you see, I've been rewarded with a beautiful fall display.


hannah said...

Well, I should think so too!
How can anybody not like these lovely climbers. They light up the place every Autumn. So glad yours came back.I love all climbers, although from time to time we can't find our house under all the growth :-)

Dean and Sheri said...

I love it too!

NanaSue said...

I'm glad you planted (adopted?) a Virginia Creeper. We didn't have one at home, but we used them in the Fair Garden Booth that we did for the Mutual every year. That's probably why you heard Mom talking about them. Interestingly, we never knew about the Fall color because they weren't growing in our yard.