Dec 14, 2011


(What would I do without all of my Harry Potterisms?)

As tradition dictates it was time to go to Miss Camille's 1st grade class and help her ickle-firsties make their hand-print-snowman ornaments. Camille and I were trying to figure it out... how many years has it been? (A quick blog search revealed that the first year was 2008, Miss Camille's second year of teaching. Click on the 1st grade label if you want to read more about how we did this.)

This year the only day we could both work it into our schedules was Monday morning, EARLY. I arrived shortly after her early-birds and thought I'd gone to the library instead of her classroom... it was so quiet with each ickle-firsty staying on task. I pulled them out of their stations one by one to paint hands and have them grip the ornament just-so.

snowmen ornaments

By the time I'd finished with the last of the early-bird's hand-prints the first globes (we always called them globes when I was a girl) ornaments were dry and ready to turn into five darling little snowmen.

I'd tell you who this darling firsty is... but, not only should I not divulge that infomation... I don't remember! Bwahahahahahahaha

ickle firsty

It wasn't long before the later-gators arrived and things in Miss Camiile's classroom weren't quite so library-like but still very manageable!

Until... FLASH! FLASH! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!!!!!!! 


(Luckily Miss Camille had warned me this would be happening. But with that first flash I thought, "Who's taking a photo of me? bwahahahahaha).  Just as well-taught ickle-firsties should, they lined up ready to exit the building.  I sent a few of them back for coats, baby, it's cold outside!  I'm always amazed at how orderly these drills are.  Speedy-quick and we were back inside in the warm classroom.  The principal announced that they'd set a new record at 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

I hand-printed the last of the later-gators and we finished up the ornaments with help from Miss Camille's aide. We were finished before 10:30.  I love these times when I get to go back to 1st grade!

Won't this be a wonderful keepsake for all of these darling ickle-firsties?

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Breanne said...

Joanie- I want you to come to my children's classes and make these. How adorable. Way better then any Oriental Trading kit that falls apart. What school does Miss Camille teach at? And happy recoverying with your leg!

Camille said...

So Kevin and I went out to Saratoga yesterday because he has been hired to record their choir and it was a good excuse for me to go visit my old friends and students. I saw my little Brennon from a couple of years ago and he says to me, "I still remember when your mom came in to help." And I said, "Oh yeah? Which time?" And he says, "When we made those snowmen ornaments. I still have mine and it's hanging on my tree!" I thought that was neat. :)

Laura H said...

You speak my language, Peeves.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Aren't these fun? I'm glad my mom comes up to do them every year...I'm pretty sure the parents love them and I just like to look at them :) We've done them one all different colors too--gold, silver, and this year, red. I think the red was my favorite...but it's whatever I can find 24 of after christmas on the cheepo sale :)