Apr 22, 2012

*MY* Version of Book Club

A couple of weeks ago, after choir practice, a few of the ladies were talking about a book and when the book club should get together to discuss it. Well, I never like to come in on the tail end of a conversation so I asked about it. My friend, Vicki, offered to loan me her copy of The Heretics Daughter. They were going to get back to me on the date for book club. Vicki dropped of that book and another one (which I have just loved, Saving Cece Honeycutt) but since I was busy with other things I didn't start reading right away.

Fast-forward to Monday last week, Vicki called to let me know when the ladies were getting together and that we needed to bring our books. I told her that night didn't work for me AND I probably wouldn't be finished by then anyway. So it was agreed that I would get her back her book. I told her... no problem...


There's a problem... I love to read in the bathtub...

This is only the second time this has happened to me in four decades of tub-reading (kind of sounds like palmistry or something, doesn't it?)   But why did it have to happen with a borrowed book? (or my scriptures... they took the first dip in the tub in 1977!)

Doing the only thing possible, I bought Vicki a new copy of her book (I even transferred all of her pencil underlinings) and left it on her doorstep.

So today at church she asks, "Do you need to get back my copy of the book so you can finish?"

I had to confess, "Nope, I got my own copy!" Then I told her why... and we laughed! I also told her about the first time I dropped a book in the tub and how I used my hairdrier to hasten the drying process... I never had to worry about the pages sticking together any more!

Maybe you should stick to your own version of book club... mine's kind of soggy.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

I like watching movies in the tub...though that could be a little bit more shocking :)