May 3, 2012

"I Made My Purse... Like OK?"

Back when Bek's boys were little and she would come visit at Grammie's house frequently we, Camille, Rebekah and I (also known as Cabekah and Remille), would go do fun girl things in little Beatrix. One day we were getting out of the car at our latest shopping stop and Camille said, "I got your purse!" But I quickly added-

"I got your purse, like OK?"

We all laughed at our funniness and that particular saying has stuck as a family quote.

So last month, when Camille's-kind-of-Kevin was in the hospital for back surgery, I saw a purse in the hospital gift shop that I immediately fell in love with! I WANTED THAT PURSE! So on our next visit I decided to go in and take a closer look. I could see through the window that it was leather so I'd prepared myself for an *over $100 price tag*... $240! Are you kidding me? Apparently I'm out of touch with the cost of purses!  I tried to convince myself that I should treat myself... but I just could get there! ($240 is enough for some poor girl in Cambodia to get schooling and free herself from poverty!)


"I Made My Purse... Like OK?"

Here is my inspiration...

and hefty price tag...

I took my iPhone photo into Photoshop, stretched and cropped it to make a template for half of the applique design. Then I needed the fabric. I had the turquoise and then hand-dyed the lime green. AND I got some turquoise and lime green Chenille-It (I love that stuff!) My original plan was to outline the design with the Chenille-It, but I didn't like the finished look so I just used it on the seams and the top of the outside pockets.

And since I was making a party-purse I needed party lining. I got this down at Corn Wagon.

Pocket are a must-have feature for me!

I get so much satisfaction from creating things! It just makes me happy! I'm so grateful that I have the ability to do this... and I will be so much happier carrying around my very-own-purse-like-ok and helping that sweet person who needs a helping hand!


Karlberg Fam said...

You are SOOOO talented! And I have a question for you. Do you have a quilter? I would really like to make a quilt for the baby boy on the way, but would love someone to do the quilted stitch over the top if possible. Let me know! :)

Laura H said...

That was amazing! Like, super impressed.