May 10, 2012

It's Official!

BOW... TO THE QUEEN! (Said with an English accent!)

Yes, that's right and if you don't believe me then look at my new thrones!

sewing chair

A week ago I had to take my Elna sewing machine into be serviced (is it just that I use my sewing machines too much or does everyone have to have them fixed this often? It went from a squeak, which I've had it in for numerous times, to a gronck!) Gordon and I (ok, I) noticed that Cotton Shop was having a *Warehouse* sewing machine sale... so I HAD to try them out...

Nope, I didn't come home with a new sewing machine but the chair I was using was so nice Gordon asked if I wanted it for Mother's Day. YES! It feels like a memory foam seat (Gordon says all of them get your bun-prints sooner or later!). Of course he was thinking a new sewing room chair. I'm thinking... where do I sit the most? The office.

So then he found this one (at, where else, Office Depot)...

office chair

Which truly is an office chair! So after 15+ years of sitting on the same old-bun-printed-chairs I have TWO new *thrones*.

I'm not spoiled... just well taken care of.

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