May 1, 2012

Women's Conference Tradition

Oh, I do love traditions! Rebekah and Ann came again for BYU Women's Conference. I love being with my family and being spiritually fed.

The thought that stand out in my mind was quoted by Sandra Rogers-

“Perhaps the greatest charity comes when we are kind to each other, when we don’t judge or categorize someone else, when we simply give each other the benefit of the doubt or remain quiet."   Marvin J Ashton

(I asked everyone- Am I really this short?  Apparently, YES!)

This year Rebekah drove out with some of her friends from her ward. They ended up staying in campus housing and enjoyed the convenience it gave them.


This is my 7th year attending WC. The first year I was alone and ended up parking at the Married Student Stake Center across 9th East. Since that worked so well I've just done that every year since, but this year I've noticed that the *construction-dudes* were parking there and I wondered if there would be adequate parking. So I decided to park back by the Creamery. It wasn't until I was committed to the left turn that I saw the sign that said *NO EVENT PARKING*. BAH! But I continued back there anyway to see what they was to see. There was a fellow just getting out of his car so I rolled down the window and asked if I could park there. He said if I didn't have an A parking sticker I would get towed. So in my sweetest voice I asked if he had an extra A sticker. He said no but then turned around and got something out of his car. IT WAS A PARKING PASS FOR *ROCK-STAR* PARKING right in front of the Marriott Center! For both days!

Yes, it always pays to ask for the free upgrade!

Every year there are Make, Take & Return kits for various items- burp cloths, scarfs, mittens, fleece blankets, etc. for the sisters to work on during or between conference sessions that go to meet humanitarian needs. In previous years I've been too slow in getting one so this year we went early so we could get some. Ann made a pair of lovely lavender mittens and burp cloth. I'd gotten a mitten kit too but gave it to some sweet lady who'd missed getting a kit! I ended up making a couple of crocheted-edge burp cloths- but the twist was we used chenille yarn for the single crochet edge, only once around. It made this wonderful fuzzy edge. I'm going to have to make some of those for MY grandbabies!

This is only one of several piles of returned kits Friday afternoon-

What a marvelous blessing this Women's Conference Tradition is in my life.

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