Jun 13, 2012

Chloe's New Trick

Kevin is such a good daddy! He was so pleased when he announced, "Chloe has graduated to a new trick!

Look at her precious little face! She is so thrilled! (Don't even THINK about this trick for baby-Camille... she hated heights!)

She has NO FEAR!

Now here is the rub! See little Ethan looking on? Yup... he's to big for this trick anymore! Now I have a very vivid recollection of doing a similar blog post about Ethan and Kevin demonstrating their prowess with this same trick! I wanted to reference it in this post.

I searched, nope, not there!

I went looking for the photos... nada! How could this be?

I hate it when I do that!


I had this whole post written on Monday evening... after looking, in vain, for the post or those photos of Ethan, when my phone rang at 10:59pm from *Unavailable Unknown Number*. It was from *Tom*, who had a very heavy Indian accent telling me that he works for Creative Solutions and my computer is sending mal-ware and he's going to help me fix that! (Right!)

My first question was WHY he was calling me at 11pm!

"I'm sorry I don't understand that question!"

I told him I knew he was scamming and did a quick Google search on *Creative Solutions* (Yeah, creative solutions for scamming you out of your person info!) I asked to speak to his supervisor; he clicked the line a few times and came back on posing as the supervisor... when I called him on it he told me, "Go to sleep and call me back in the morning.


And when I went back to publish my finished post... P-O-O-F! It was gone... maybe I really do have mal-ware... AND HIS NAME IS TOM!

OK... I'm official finished with the rant...

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