Jun 25, 2012

Maynard Family Photos

Ever since Camille and Kevin got married almost two years ago I've offered to take photos of their family and we just never seemed to make it happen. But last Saturday, Father's Day weekend, I finally got my chance! I just love this part of *Grammie-Duties*.

When I arrived Camille told me that Kevin had it all set up in the backyard for us. Wow! He had his whole (well, not ALL) band set-up out there.

family band

Unfortunately the light wasn't quite right and there was too big of a disparity in depth-of-field for a good portrait, but I loved this one where they were all jammin'!


What a good looking family.

family tummies

I also got individual photos of each of the kids...

Brennan, 10 1/2


Kaia, 8 1/2


Elise, 6


... and Kevin and Camille

Kevin & Camille


Journey said...

Gorgeous family Joanie! Great job on the photos!

Karlberg Fam said...

Camille looks gorgeous! love them!