Jun 25, 2012

My Funny Boys

One of my callings is teaching course 15 in Sunday School. This is my third year and each class has had such a different personality.

The first year (of which I only taught 3 months) were great kids, but I really didn't have much time to connect with them since I only teach every other week.

Last year I had 7 girls and 2 boys. They were the *Golden Class*.  They always had astute comments and there was very little goofing around.  I miss them...

This year...

These are my funny boys...

my funny boys

I'm not sure I need to say much more than that, but I will! Several months ago I was talking to Camille about my class, whom I often refer to as a bunch of squirrels, and she said, "Mom, you otta' like that! They are just like Stuart and Devon!" How true her statement.

And you know what? I do love these boys. Yes, they are more challenging than last year, but they are such outstanding young men... and they do remind me of my Stuart.

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Eileen said...

When we lived in Livermore there were three boys named Ryan and one named Daniel who usually posed quite a challenge to their teachers. You know, the "active" kids? One of their dads called them, "Daniel and the Ryans Den"! They were great kids and we loved them.