Jul 20, 2012

Aprons in Waiting

I mentioned recently that I will be going to Girls Camp as one of five cooks.

And you know what cooks need? 



Since moving to Utah and having our monthly 3rd-Sunday Grammie dinner with the family, which is usually cooked in my Sunday clothes, I've NEEDED aprons! I've made a couple and then for Mother's Day this year Rebekah sent me a darling pink-ruffly one.

But I digress...

I envisioned non-matching aprons in PARTY FABRICS to make our cooking more fun. I have a favorite pattern that I've used before (always a plus in my book) so I knew how much fabric and ric-rac I REALLY NEEDED!

This is the purple one...


I had a couple of pieces of fabric in my stash that I wanted to use but I needed more so I set off to Cotton Shop, they were having a sale!


I pulled bolts of fabric and mixed and matched until I was happy.


As I was cutting them out I knew that I wanted a little embellishment to pin on the bib! Enter the twisted fabric flower.


Then in floated a little hair clip... you never do know when you might have to get your hair pinned back in a hot kitchen!!


I've had fun sewing them this week AND getting out my glue gun (NOT the high temp one... it's E-V-I-L) and learning a new craft- twisted fabric flowers.

Sew So, for now, these 5-little-aprons are aprons in waiting hanging on the front of my sewing room door! (see lead photo)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

So adorable! If only I was one of those girls that thought about cooking long enough to strap on an apron :). Enjoy auntie!!!

Laura H said...

Those are adorable. I would be scared to get anything on it.