Jul 6, 2012

Spider Wars

Yesterday dawned with the smell of rain in the air! Ahh... I love that smell. I was so pleased, and GRATEFUL, when it started raining just a little while later! I threw open all the windows that I'd closed at 5:30 am and let in that wonderful, damp, cool air. Have I mentioned I love the rain? Especially in the summer?

Early afternoon we needed to take Ashton to her piano lessons up in American Fork so I started closing the ground floor window to a safe/locked position. That was when I spied this...

OK... I'm not a scaredy-cat where spiders or insects are concerned so I find this kind of stuff very interesting! I had no idea this kind of thing could happen in the spider kingdom...

spiders inside

Wouldn't all spiders be impervious to sticky webs? Or is it kind of like germs and antibodies, you are only good with your own germs?

The funny/interesting part is...

THE LITTLE SPIDER IS WHOOPIN' ON THE BIG SPIDER. I could see her/him wrapping up that big dude.

spiders outside

It's the kind of thing I would have stayed and watched if I hadn't just been walking out of the house.

So?? How did it end? I have to admit that I just stopped typing this post and went outside to see if I could determine the outcome!

Yep, that big dude is all curled up and desiccated in the corner of the web AND there are random spider leg in the web... kind of like a warning to any other marauding spiders-

Violators will be eaten!

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