Oct 13, 2012

Happy Tomatoes

This spring when I was browsing the tomato plants at Home Depot I found some Heirloom tomatoes. Wikipedia says they are non-hybrid tomatoes and have a better taste... but I haven't noticed that much difference.

I got one purple and one golden plant and then my good old fill-ins- Early Girl. These tomatoes don't ripen as fast as the Early Girl, but the purple are big- almost like a Beefsteak tomato.

Besides eating them I've decided to make myself some *Happy Jars of Tomatoes*...  I start with several of the purple, then the yellow and top it off with plain ol' red!

happy tomatoes

Doesn't that just make you smile?  Here they are before the hit the jars...


1 comment:

Julie said...

Those are most definitely happy tomatoes!