Nov 10, 2012

Snow Day!

It started snowing yesterday morning and didn't stop for the next 24 hours!  Those of you who know me will remember that-


Yes, if there is still snow on the ground in March it might start to wear a little thin but particularly with the first big storm of the season-


I do have one request of Mother Nature though... do  you suppose I could have longer than 24 hours between when I'm mowing the lawn and raking leaves and shoveling snow?

Now I have the ability to read the weather report or listen to *Fritz* and be prepared for this kind of severe mood swing that Utah weather is famous for, but my Japanese Maple didn't get that memo! I went out twice yesterday and knocked the heavy, wet snow off of her still foliated branches. But this is what she was wearing this morning. I shook, pushed and gently removed as much snow as possible and she looks none the worse for wear. (I got to shovel lots of red leaves with the snow)

snow on japanese maple

Unfortunately, not all of my neighbors were as lucky as me... there was the buzz of chain saws cutting up downed limbs as I shoveled the walk.

Now, I'm going to brag about where I live (again)! My neighborhood was teaming with neighbors out helping neighbors clear the 11" of new snow.

11 inches

We are so blessed to live here with so many kind and caring people. While Craig Pickering was plowing the snow from my driveway Denise spied him out *from up on top* and called my house to tell him she could see Heidi stuck in her driveway! Her message was, "Go right now and help Heidi!"

And not only are they caring... they are very creative...


I caught this out of the corner of my eye and though, how nice, they have a blade for their 4-wheeler... then I noticed it was Samuel... with a shovel.

Yes, it was a happy snow day in my neighborhood!

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