Dec 3, 2012

Celtic Knot Snowflakes

Just when you think it's safe to go back into the water office... someone suggests you try Celtic Knot snowflakes (thank you, Rebekah Bales-Dunford). And then you [read- I] are off on a new creative adventure!

I saw that suggestion on Facebook last night and stayed up entirely too late! I couldn't come up with any designs that I was happy with so I finally made myself go to bed about 1 AM... yes, it is a sickness.

When I got up this morning my mind was still thinking Celtic snowflakes so I declared this a *Grammie-Jammie-Day* so here I sit at 3 PM still in my jammies, but I've finished dozen Celtic snowflakes. But not all of them are blog worth. This is the first one I was happy with. I used Snapseed (on my iPhone) to edit and post it on Instagram/Facebook.

celtic knot

Then I took that design and got a little more elaborate.

celtic snowflake

I learned that to turn any design into a snowflake I dissect a 1/6 pie-piece from the original design and sketch that on the folded paper. I also learned that for intricate patterns like this I cut it out thinking *weaving* as I cut. You can see that I've cut through the design at certain points to reach the middle.

celtic snowflake folded

When I carefully unfold the snowflake there are all of these disconnected pieces.  But as soon as I iron it flat, and, in my case, laminate it, the snowflake is stable again.

celtic snowflake unfolded

Here are some of the other 6-sided *keepers*.

celtic star

celtic hearts

The problem with Celtic knot snowflakes (I just made a typo- snotflakes! bwahahahahaha) is that Celtic knots are not usually symmetrical nor are they 6-sided. Most of the designs I Googled-up were 4-sided. So I had fun exploring all of the possibilities.

I reverted back to folding the paper in 1/8th to get a truer Celtic knot design.

celtic knot

Here is the folded view of this snowflake.

celtic knot folded

And what genuine-Celtic girl would neglect making 4-leaf clovers?

celtic 4-leaf clover 1

celtic 4-leaf clover 2

I have the feeling that there are lots more snowflakes in my future... guess I'd better go buy another ream of paper!

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