Dec 18, 2012

Trucks at 16 and 60!

For years (almost 8 to be exact) I've taken photos of the beautiful sunsets that always delight and amaze me and especially in the winter there is usually this teal truck in the foreground. Most of you probably don't even notice it... but I do!


Well I finally got sick and tired of it always being there so I moved that *dang-thing*! Where did I move it too?

In front of MY house!!! Bwahahaha!!

"new"  truck

We've mentioned to several of our neighbors who have older trucks, "If you ever want to sell your truck, let us know!" Well, Brad did! He made us a wonderful deal AND we know that it has been lovingly cared for. How could we go wrong?

I've wanted a truck since we moved to Utah. We've kicked around the idea. Gordon's looked at trucks online but it just didn't come together until now. We've had to borrow a truck or trailer several times a season to haul green-waste, pick up something big at Home Depot, take a snowblower or mower into to be fixed or move something. But now! Now we have our very own truck!!

Lasterday as Gordon and I were high-fiving each other exalting that we were finally truck owners (for the very first time) I remember that *my first car* was also a truck. It didn't belong to me; my mom bought it after I wrecked her little Dart wagon (stupid kid!!) She bought it for the same reason we did- she just needed a hauler AND a second back-up car to drive her US Mail route, and make little-Joanie mobile. She was very kind to me in that way. (Let's be honest! My mom was kind to me in EVERY WAY!

old ford truck

For some reason I find it a little ironic that the only trucks I've *owned* are teal... the first one at age 16 and now, this one, at age 60.

OK- Here's another conundrum. What to name my new friend. Got any suggestions?

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Clark said...

What year is that? I'd guess '62 or '63.