Jan 1, 2013

Harley- Bane of Swine Deer Everywhere!

Now that we have copious amounts of snow on the ground here in our little corner of heaven it means that the *swine-deer* will be making frequent visits to my neighborhood to forage for easy pickin's!

Harley's favorite perch 365 day a year (366 last year) is right by the front window. Right now the couch is pushed up to his window so he it in full *puppy-hog-heaven*!

Earlier today I heard him barking at something outside so I glanced out of my sewing room window to see what his problem was... the culprits! Swine deer have invaded his domain! Yeah, but Harley-boy... they are across the street.

This is what my ivy bed looks like many winter days- (but not this day... there is a foot and a half of snow covering all but the stragglers on the sidewalk. This photo taken a couple of weeks ago). Apparently the swine-deer and I have an agreement: I grow the ivy. They eat the ivy! This ivy bed is just outside Harley's window.

So a few hours later I hear Harley go nuts lunging at the blinds like the UPS man is here (sorry UPS man!) I hollered, "Harley! No!" (There are already bite marks on one of the slats!) and then went to investigate.

This is what I found this time! I burst out laughing! Some poor mama-swine-deer got the scare of her little-girl-life! In three huge bounds she was across the lawn snow and *outta here*!

Maybe this is why the snow hasn't been methodically moved from the ivy bed to the sidewalk every morning... word's gotten 'round that there is one MEAN dog guarding the ivy!

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