Jan 23, 2013

Lone Robin

This morning as I was eating my oatmeal up here in my office with a *bird's eye view* I got to view the little birds eating their breakfast. This whole flock of black birds (I don't know if they ARE blackbirds just that they are birds and they are black!)  and one little fat robin were flitting back and forth between this flowering pear and the smaller flowering pear that took the place of my dearly departed beautiful willow.  I like how this one fat robin is the only bright spot on this foggy winter day.

I grabbed my camera and tried to carefully shoot through the blinds. They would always catch me and swoop away as soon as they saw me move... but I'm trickier than a bird (thank goodness) and went into my sewing room- the light off of that window camouflaged me and I could sneak some photos.

Then movement on the ground caught my eye...  more of those fat little flappers picking up what the ones up top dropped in their haste. (One word of caution fat-flappers... there have been swine-deer in my front yard!)

Maybe next time I will get on my super zoom lens and get some close ups. But I'm pleased that I can see these little birdies with berries in their beaks!

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