Jan 18, 2013

Pixie Dust

When I opened the blinds this morning I saw that the world was covered in hoar frost! It is always so magical when this happens; everything sparkles. It is so cold that there is pixie dust floating in the air glinting, just like glitter, in the weak January sun and I am sad that my camera cannot capture that beautiful sight.

I quickly pull on my shearling boots and coat, grab my camera and go on an 8° explore. I stay close to the house so as not to leave any footprints in the pristine snow.

All the trees, bushes, and even flat surfaces like the fence and deck are covered in pixie dust.

As it warms during the day this pixie dust will float to the ground, shimmering as it goes.

Perhaps it's because I was so obsessed with snowflakes this winter that the designs jumped off the computer screen at me.

There they are: perfect six-sided wonderful creations of our Loving Heavenly Father that I can only poorly imitate with my scissors and paper.


FP said...

Congratulations. Very good and interesting your blog.


Anke said...

Gorgeous photography, Joanie! I am so glad you put these posts on FB, so I get to see them :)

Heather said...

It's been a super cold one, Joanie. Thank you for coming by and encouraging me today! Much of the time, I am taking care of the fire that is closest to my behind (grin), so I don't really get to "play." But as you said, my Littles will be small for only so much time; I'm doing my best to really stop and soak it all in, not wish it away!

Good to visit with you, friend. Some day you and I will meet and share some good eats together!