Jan 4, 2013

Watercolor Sunset

I've been following the blog Bailey Road for several months and have watched Pat do some wonderful digital watercolor photo conversions. Check her out here... you will be amazed! I'm awed by her talents.

I have previously played around with some watercolor filters (I'll see if I can dig them out of the digital filing cabinet of my blog and tag them with the watercolor tag.) But I've not been as happy with them as I want to be.

What to do? What to do? Ah! Contact my talented-artist-niece! She always knows... and if she doesn't do it herself she will ferret out some online helps for me. She found a great video tutorial which I've been playing with for the last few days (and staying up WAY too late!).

I needed something with a bit more contrast than my currently available landscape of ice and snow. I went looking and found this beautiful sunset photo that I took a couple of years ago and thought it had lots of potential.

This is actually my final attempt... but I'm happiest with this one.

This is the culmination of the first attempt. I added a watercolor filter to this one and lowered the opacity on that layer. The thing that is funny to me is that I followed the same steps with the same photo and ended up with two different looks!

Here is the original photo SOOC.

If you've looked at Bailey Road she has a much more realistic watercolor paper texture which I'd love to find.

Chime in here if you have any helpful hint for me.

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