Mar 2, 2013


I've always liked to keep track of the *March comes in like a lion- out like a lamb* thing. But it has only been since I started keeping a blog that I've really been able to remember 31 days later what the 1st of March was like!

This year, 2013, is an OFFICIAL LION DAY! All you have to do is look at the sky! But then we can add insult to injury-

A view of the side of my house, looking north (with Maple Mt wreathed in clouds)...

And the front of my house, looking south...

See that berm of snow to the right of my mail box?  That is the pile 15' beyond the mailbox that ate Fernando!  AND IT IS STILL HERE!  We may still have snow in June! Not really, but sometimes it feels that way...

So what of previous years?

2009- Lamb all the way; 62 degrees!
2010- Lamb day as well; high in the 50s!
2011- Lamb day again! Sunny and warm.
2012- A Lion-sort of day! 3" of new snow on top of 12" ( we got most of last winter's snow in March! and we were glad of it.)

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