Jul 9, 2013


I love the new name for something I've done most of my life... photo-bombing.

The other night, after a long day and a not so restful night's sleep, I was trying to wind down and go to bed. I decided to take one last look at the internet on my iPad mini... within minutes I was in hysterics!

First I watched this video which got me started... (the last scene is my favorite).

Then I found these photo-bombing animals on Pinterest by the time I'd gotten to the bottom I had tears running down my face (keep in mind that it was nearly midnight).

I watched video and looked at the photo-bombs again... just for good measure.

But you know what it left me with? An insane desire to have *Pirate Cat* to do some personal photo-bombing just for me...

Aahhh! PhotoShop... I love you!

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