Sep 15, 2013


Our little Fiona, Camille and Kevin's first baby girl, arrived on 10 September 2013 at 1:46pm. She weighed 8 lb 1 oz, was 20.5" tall AND she was eight days late! (The good news is that they don't let mamas go three weeks over-due anymore!) We are so grateful to have her here!

fiona 3-days old photo fiona3-daysold_zps0591ec71.jpg

Camille checked into Orem Community Hospital Monday evening to be induced, since baby-cakes didn't want to get things started on her own. Not every thing went as planned, because of complications it was decided that Fiona needed to be born by C-section. Kevin, the family and I all discussed how even 100 years ago he would very likely have lost one or both of them... yes, we are so grateful to have baby Fiona here save and sound.

We were allowed to watch through the window while they did the C-section (and, yes, I got LOTS of photos, but I won't be showing them around any time soon!) It was the most interesting thing to watch... a couple of times I had to look away (look out of the way!). But the whole process helped me understand why women with C-sections take a while to heal.

They cleaned little Fiona up quickly and sent Daddy out to show the rest of the family! Here she is... only 11 minutes old!

fiona 11 minutes old photo IMG_2869_zps2a580dbc.jpg

As my mother-in-law used to say, being born is "no joke"! Poor little Fi was pretty swollen for a couple of days.

Here she is 1-day old.

fiona 1 day photo IMG_2915_zpsf8c3138c.jpg

I love watching Camille with her new baby... you'd never know she was a first-time mom!

fiona and mama 2 days photo IMG_2923_zps5e527ecd.jpg

Fiona at 2 days.

fiona 2 days photo IMG_2925_zpsc745f39f.jpg

After four days it was time for the new little family to head home. Fiona's first time in "for-real" baby-girl clothes.

fiona's family 4 days old photo fionagoinghome4-daysold_zps323a6740.jpg

Fiona's first impression of being in her car seat was not a happy one! But here she is having her first car ride.

fiona's first car ride photo fionafirstcarride_zpsee7ce595.jpg

Bye-bye Baby Fi! You are headed to a wonderful, loving home.

fiona's family in car photo fionasfamilyincar_zps2e48c76a.jpg

We are so glad to have you in our family!

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NanaSue said...

Sweet, sweet baby! I think her latest picture looks like her mommy Camille. I am so happy for them. 💋❤💋❤