Oct 10, 2013

Fiona's Already a Month-old!

Maybe it's because I'm not the sleep-deprived mama but it sure doesn't seem like one whole month since baby Fiona was born! She is such a sweet little baby.

In recent months I've seen these darling month stickers that one sticks on baby's onesie to take a photo each month. What a great idea!

I was talking to Camille about this a few days ago and asked where she thought I might find them.

 (Duh! I said the duh-part, not Camille.)

"But you could probably make them yourself!" exclaimed Camille. (Hmmm, who is sleep deprived here?)

So I went a lookin' on Pinterest and found some good ideas.

Enter PhotoShop and my whole supply of polka-dot digital paper that NEVER gets used up! Yay! (Can I just say that it used to stress me out to use my cute paper!) As I worked on the template for the basic sticker I had a brainstorm! Why not use month appropriate papers (orange for October, red and green for December, etc)?

I absolutely love that Miss Fiona has her Daddy's dimple!

But you know... even good babies get tired of Grammie taking their photo! I couldn't resist one of this darling little boo-face.

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