Oct 11, 2013

Fiona's Polkie-Dottie Quilt

Yesterday when I did photos of Fiona, Camille wanted to start with her on Fiona's polkie-dottie quilt. That's when I remembered that I've never blogged about it.

To say that Camille loves polka-dots would be an understatement... so when I saw a quilt pattern for a table runner with random polka-dots several years ago I clipped it out and have been saving it for Camille's first baby!

I even bought some very cute Riley Blake polka-dot fabric to use on said quilt. But when I pulled all of it out it just wasn't Fiona's quilt...

What to do? What to do?

I dug into my stash and pulled out 20 different purples (granted, 4 were fat-quarters I'd bought for this quilt that didn't go with the Riley Blake fabric). I sent a photo of them to Camille and Kevin and they were very pleased with the idea of a two-color quilt.

I cut four different sizes of dots and then appliqued them onto the background. Then I added a checker-board border to finish it up. I also did a polka-dot quilting (actually I think it's called pebble quilting)

It's been finished and living at Camille's house since her baby shower in August. Maybe I'll have to do better with my blogging.

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