Jan 27, 2014

Baby Annabelle

Today I got to do one of my favoritest things! Have a photo-shoot with one of my grand babies.

Somehow all of the love gets focused and captured in a concentrated form. The love is so tangible! It frequently moves me to tears; just as this photo did today. (I love the twin noses here!)

Annabelle was a willing little subject. She is just so mellow.

Annabelle's Auntie Bekah (as opposed to Auntie Becca) sent a couple of wonderful little outfits one of which just begged to be worn for photos.

"Ho-hum... I'm used to this by now, even though I am only 5-days old!"

I always love to do the *baby parts* photos. Tiny baby toes...

A precious little head...

With a wonderful amount of hair...

Yes, just as this serendipitous photo shows- Annabelle is a gift straight from heaven!

1 comment:

NanaSue said...

I'm so glad you're there to take these wonderful photos of her first days of life. They will be treasured for years to come. Great job.