Jan 24, 2014

Big Brother (of the Riley-kind)

Riley got to come to meet his new little sister tonight. What a wonderful occasion... you don't get a little sister every day, you know!

I feel so happy when I see the love that they have one for another. You can never have too many people who love you.

We are so funny... we take turns soaking up the baby-Annabelle love. I'd been holding her for about an hour when I asked Deb if she wanted her baby back. Spencer asked so sweetly, "Can I have a turn first?"

And speaking of love-

I've never been big on using the term *step*-mom/child; it's just always meant more people to love. I'm grateful for that great capacity to love.

And since we are on the subject of love... it makes me happy to see these two funny-feline-sisters. I can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins!

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