Jan 8, 2014

Elsie, Fiona and Spencer- Family

I got a text from Camille just as we were walking into the house from our Temple day. It said,

"I keep forgetting to tell you but occasionally Fiona looks like Spencer these days."

And you know the funny thing? As soon as she said that I knew the exact look she was talking about. Those photos of Spencer where he looks like my Mom, the original Grammy!

So I went ferreting in my digital photo files (thank you Cindy!) to find this photo of my Mom, Elsie Louise, taken in 1913. Now here we are 100 years later with her little great-grand-daughter that very much has her great-Grammy's eyes.

I love how these family resemblances pass down from generation to generation. The funny part about Spencer is that for as much as he looked like my Mom as a baby he morphed into my Dad as he became a teenager! Weird how that works out sometimes.

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