Jan 13, 2014

Joy in the Journey

I know there are folks who would rather get *a whack on the nose with a rusty poker* than sit down to a sewing machine. But that doesn't describe me.

My project this day was to work on Annabelle's blessing dress. My hope is to have it finished before Deb goes into labor so I can take it with me when I go down to do Grammie-duties.

This dress will be very similar to the one I made for baby Fiona. I just love the ruffled skirt!

As a teenager I was very much results driven when it came to sewing. I would get home from school and think, "I want something new to wear tomorrow". I'd dig into the *material* drawer, ferret out a pattern and have a new outfit the next day. My favorite *epic-fail* story was the time I didn't have quite enough fabric so I had to cut the two front pieces separately. I went to great lengths to match the plaid only to find out I'd cut two left fronts!

Quilting is what has taught me to enjoy the journey. So as I was sitting in my sewing room this morning, pinning the gathered. ruffly skirt to the bodice I was struck with how satisfying it is to see all of those even little gathers and lined up straight pins.

Silly me... but, there you are.

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