Jan 19, 2014


I've had TMJ for years and have had a variety of mouthguards to try to alleviate the problem at night. Most recently my dental hygienist told me about her mouthguard that only covers the front six teeth on the bottom and worked really well. So I asked her make me one. 

When I saw it and how small it really is I thought *oh my stinking heck* this teeny-tiny! How will I ever keep from losing it? So I had her make me a second/extra one. This was over a year ago.

I usually take my mouthguard out first thing in the morning, rinse it and put it in a tiny little case in my nightstand drawer. But yesterday morning I put it in my drinking cup to soak for a few minutes (can you see where this is headed?)

Last night I got ready for bed as usual and took my whole handful of pills and supplements but I was feeling a little bit distracted because were waiting for baby Annabelle any day now. By the time I finished the rest of my bedtime routine, adding notes to my list for things I don't want to forget to take to California, reading my scriptures and saying my prayers I looked in my nightstand drawer for my night guard. But it wasn't there...

I looked in vain on the counter, on the floor, behind the toilet, in the drawers; I even got out my high-powered LED flashlight and finally came to one very sad conclusion...

I guess I'm going to have to have my dental hygienist make me an extra one again. 

It's not easy being me!

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