Jan 2, 2014

Saving Up Sunshine

I walked out to deliver a singing birthday card to one of our little Primary kids in just my long-sleeved shirt. Ah, I do love this 40° day! This is one of those bright cerulean blue sky days! I just love this wonderful shade of blue! Even though Salt Lake City is in the midst of an inversion-yuck day we sit high enough here on the Springville bench to be out of most of it.

On my return I noticed all of the beautiful things all framed by that gorgeous sky. I fetched my Rebel (which has been languishing in its camera bag for way too long!) and went back out and retraced my steps to capture some sunny-sky days.

The thought occurred to me, "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to store up some of this sunshine and blue sky for one of those bleak, dark days that I know will be coming?"

Fortunately we can do that! We can save up our happy thoughts and faith-filled moments for those dark, discouraging days that come to all of us.

Then we can "repair our nest" and be good as new again.

So that's what I'm doing here, on my blog; filling up my pockets with happy thoughts and sunshiny days.

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