Jan 15, 2014

Star of the East

Tonight is the Wolf Moon, according to Fritz (aka Kevin Eubanks KSL weather- but every weatherman is Fritz since living in So Cal!)

I wanted to capture the moon in all of his beauty; but you know what? I never can. All I get is lens reflection and blurry, over or under exposed photos. I can see that I will need to study up on how the *big boys* get those awesome photos with all of the craters etc.

So, for tonight, you get to see the beautiful Star of the East. I've always loved that term. It evokes visions of wise men seeking the young child Jesus, come from afar.

(A quick internet search indicates that this star might actually be Jupiter.)

OK... and because I am basically a sunset-addict I had to share this one from earlier this evening.

Truly our Heavenly Father has created a beautiful world for us.

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NanaSue said...

Love the birds flying across that beautiful pastel sky.