Jan 18, 2014

Use It Up

Many years ago I heard a little poem-
Use it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or do without!

I think it stuck with me because it spoke to my heart- especially my fabric-loving heart. I have small totes of little, seemingly useless, strips of fabric. I've even giving some away for others to use. It pains me to get rid of what might be useable fabric.

I think this beautiful Moda fabric purchased in 2006 demonstrates the reason why I keep saving fabric. 

This is all that's left of one-honkin'-bunch of fabric.

I bought the first cuts of this delicious fabric at some little quilt shoppe up in the Salt Lake Valley. I don't even remember the name now. I also bought a pattern but when I got home I realized that I wanted the fabric to shine. So I got a pattern from Tawna Witney that was just perfect. She'd made a shower curtain with her fabric.

I ended up enlarging the blocks to 200% and made my wonderful Moda super-king quilt. I needed to add more fabric and went down to Corn Wagon (only 2.2 miles from my front door!.) It is so big that I had to put it on my *then* design wall in 4 pieces! (Go big or go home!) I think that I completed this quilt in early 2007 when this photo was taken.

I had some fabric left. So, several years later, when Miss Sophie was going to join our family, I pulled out my delicious fabric and made her this soft and pretty quilt. March 2010

Yes, there was STILL fabric left. I put all of it into a clear plastic bag to await a future project. That project, which will remain nameless *THIS DAY* was completed this evening and is ready to go live with little baby-Annabelle (whose Mama loves this coral-pink color).

I'll be back in a few days with the photo... but for now y'all have to wait patiently with Deborah!

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