Mar 11, 2014


Years ago a dear friend had to go back to work, part of the *deal* was that the rest of the family would help out with the chores she normally did, because she really can't do it all!

Her husband accepted the job of doing the laundry. All went well for the first couple of weeks. He stayed on top of his chore. Week three he says, "Can you just move the clothes from the washer to the dryer for me?" (You can see where this is headed). Each week he would ask her to *help him out* with just one more *small part* of the laundry.

Finally she says, "Why am I doing most of the laundry again?"

To which he responded-

"Because I just don't get the same fulfillment out of doing the laundry as you do!"

Gordon has long queried, "How would you like to be the poor schmuck who said that?"

We just had to get a new washer and dryer... and you know what? It really HAS up the fulfillment factor for me! This is my very first front loader. I'm already reveling in the increased Downey smell on my towels that I always find at Rebekah's house!

And, don't you know, that an new white washer and dryer (replacing an old white washer and dryer) calls for a paint color change!! Camille tells me that I *did a Desi!*

When Stuart and I finished this downstairs bathroom just after he got home from his mission I painted the walls yellow (don't ask me why!) and it had brown and cream towels. Blah...

Every time I go visit my sister, Sue, and see her beautiful ocean themed bathroom I feel so happy and peaceful. So that was the look I was going for... sand, surf and sky! I told Gordon that it feels so nice in there I almost want to put a blow-up bed in there and have a kip!

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