Apr 2, 2014

Joy in the Journey

We've had a very mild winter this year. We bought 4 new bags of ice-melt back at the beginning of the winter that are all still languishing in the garage!

And because of this mildness our apricot tree is popping out. (photos taken on 3/28)

Most of these last 10 springs these early bloomers come out; then...


But you know what? I decided several week ago to enjoy the beauty of my apricot tree, even if I don't get a crop. I'm very thankful. What you see here... it isn't just snow! No! It is the result of much fasting and prayer. (I blogged about this special fast back in February.)

So we just aren't fussed... we may not have apricots this summer but we will have that much needed water. I'm so grateful for this glorious blessing.

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