Sep 10, 2014

Birthday Beauty

Miss Bitty, aka Fiona, is 1-year old! Wow, it's been a fast year. She had the wonderful family birthday party in her lovely backyard (with perfect weather). She is such a dynamic little person! Her sweet personality just radiates.

Birthday Beauty photo 10-Fionas1stb-day_zpsa2b76c5a.jpg

She totally enjoyed her cake. Especially the frosting! Eventually she grabbed a handful of cupcake after she'd eaten most of the frosting and was so frustrated that she had cake crumbs all over her frosting-y fingers. Grammie to the rescue! I wiped off her hand and she was good to go for another round.

Yum cake! photo 10-Fionascake_zpse5164d91.jpg

This little girl brings so much joy to all around her.

Grammie and Fiona photo 10-GrammieandFiona_zpsde0c2ab3.jpg

And if you needed more proof... just look at this!

Fiona and Grampy photo 10-GrampyampFiona_zps6bf1a8c8.jpg

Seriously... does it get any better than this? We are so blessed to be near to so many of our grandchildren!

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