Nov 8, 2014

Mountain-Goat Grammie

Earlier this week a friend posted a photo of her and her walking buddy, Cooper, on the trail that runs above our houses- the Bonneville Shoreline trail. It looked so glorious that it tempted me right out of the house and up onto the mountain.

I grew up right at the base of the mountains in our little town in the Indian Valley, California. I used to take off and explore all over the mountains. It always refreshes and rejuvenates me to take a hike (which is different than a walk!)

 photo 8-Harley_zps330472e9.jpg

Harley could hardly believe his good luck! I never let him off the leash when we go on walks. But since this was a hike and we were up the mountain I told him he needed to stay where I could see him or he'd have to go back on the leash. (Yes, I talk to him like he's a person... a little person in a hairy-suit!) He understood and was quite obedient to my conditions; well, most of the time.

We hadn't gone far when the view opened up across the valley to Utah Lake with the cerulean sky overhead.

 photo 8-utahlake_zps15b18205.jpg

At this point I couldn't tell where the trail went next... silly me, I should have just looked on Google Maps on my iPhone which clearly shows the trail. So I doubled back and headed up the side of the mountain on a mountain goat deer trail.

I wanted to get up to the power lines and survey the fire damage (which is almost imperceptible after the wet September we had). I quickly realized that this mountain goat trail went up and down each of the gullies that one almost doesn't perceive when looking up on the mountain. After one such gully I was seriously doubting the wisdom of where I was (what if I tumbled down the mountain and had to call for a rescue? Now that would be embarrassing!) and decided that I needed to just start down hill until I hit the real trail again.

There is a lovely rock that was just right for resting on. I spied out my house. It was easy since my other neighbor has a wonderful bright red tree in her yard.

 photo 8-viewuptop_zps673cdd35.jpg

I'm always surprised at how a camera diminishes distance. This photo doesn't reflect how far this Grammie had hiked!

 photo 8-selfie_zpsb502a5db.jpg

I've often thought I'd like to hike to the top of this mountain... but not this day!

 photo 8-thetop_zpse1e3e58a.jpg

We got back home just as the light was turning all golden and lovely.  We'd had a happy outing on this golden, stolen November day!

 photo 8-downhere_zps76b1840b.jpg
I know that all too soon we will have snow and it will be months before this kind of hike will be possible.

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NanaSue said...

What a fun thing to do! I'm glad the opportunity presented itself. Thought: Do you have a walking stick? Josh has one that is also a mono-pod for a camera. It would be fun if you took a picture of yourself and Harley against the backdrop of mountain or valley.