Mar 16, 2015

Instant Gratification

"Instant gratification!" that's what Jose said.

"Go!" I replied!

"Ack! Camera!!"

And in the time it took me to run in to fetch it this was as close to a *BEFORE* picture as I got!

This Jose wasn't kidding!

I've known that this tree HAD TO GO! Even though it gave some nice shade, that was the only positive thing I can say about it.

  • Super-hard wood that defied loppers
  • Made my little electric chain saw strain
  • Covered with ugly, stinky blossoms in the spring
  • Dropped even uglier, messier, purple-er sticky berries all summer which then wanted to sprout into more ugly trees OR
  • Birds ate said berries then dropped purple poop everywhere
  • Stupid little leaves that turned ugly and were hard to rake up
  • Was fast growing and in danger of lifting the fence and cement where Fernando lives
Here is the only photo I have of what it looked like as a good shade tree.

(Photo taken July 2013 and makes me long for beautiful flowers and lush grass)

I love to watch skilled workers do their job. You might not think someone who chops down trees qualifies, but he does. He told his helper, "I want to peel this limb." I knew just what he meant- cutting it partially and letting it peel down kept it from whacking the fence. Then the fellow on the ground could get control of it before he cut the last little part.

And you remember the super hard wood from the list above? These guys really had to put their shoulders in it to get this thing to grind! (I even saw them using their legs to give it a push and had to look away!! I don't want any photos of severed limbs!)

I was impressed that Jose and his team of workers had this bad boy cut, chipped, cleaned up and hauled away in just TWENTY MINUTES! Yes, that does qualify as instant gratification. All that is left is the stump, which has had it's brain killed!

Well, and two more stumps added to the collection on my porch. Silly girl! But there you are.

Yes, and all of this would have taken me TWENTY HOURS, minimum!

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