Jun 30, 2015

First Tomato for Daddy

Today is my Daddy's 118 birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy! I thought it was only fitting that I should eat this year's first tomato in his honor!

My Daddy was quite the story teller. We used to love to get him going on his stories.

He told us that he was a sickly little baby- kind of scrawny and puny. Back in the day folks in North Texas believed that raw tomatoes were bad for you (sad, I know!). His Mom had a bushel basket of tomatoes stilling on the porch and little Jake managed to get at them and EAT THEM! Rather than making him sick he started getting better almost right away. He always credited fresh tomatoes as the reason.

Jack "Jake" Homer and Francis Amy Caraway about 1897 taken by Fischer portrait landscape photographer

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