Jan 3, 2016

A Very Blessed Christmas

My Christmas was wonderfully happy and chocked full of family... which is what made it so happy. In a week's time I got to see most of my children and their families: it just doesn't get any better than that.

Bekah, Curtis, Caden and Brock came to Utah for Curt's grandma's funeral and we got to visit with them on the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas. It was heaven! First thing I had to get a pix with my *little* boys! I guess I'm just their little Grammie!

We had such a lovely time.

Bekah said it best in her weekly letter to Tadhg-
We were able to visit with Camille and Stuart and all their little ones at Grammie's house for dinner on Monday and Tuesday! That was the best part, being able to visit and get my baby fix. I was able to hold and rock baby Emmy for a long time and got some baby squeezes in on chunky Liam! Stu put Emmy and Fiona through the paces of his kiddy circus act.
Boxing day, or as it is known at my house- Dia del Boxeo, was a wonderful success. Spencer, Deborah, Riley and Annabelle arrived early that morning for a week-long stay.

My family is always so good helping me remember that I want to get a family photo before people start leaving. I almost like this one better than the first!

Annabelle came prepared to play in the snow. Her daddy chose just the right Christmas gift accessories for this beautiful little girl.

Riley and Chief spent a lot of time romping in the snow too.

The sibs got together frequently for fun activities. This day Deb, Spencer and Stuart had a trek up Hobble Creek canyon.

The next day the three couples went to the Payson Temple together while I had Grammie duties! When I saw these three precious faces sitting at my counter it took me instantly back to when their parents were lined up just so.

The next day they all went to the Zoo without Grammie... too cold for Grammie!

Teeny-belle, as her Daddy calls her, got to know her Grammie again. It usually takes a few days for her to warm up to her long-distance Grammie.

Fortunately, Riley knows his Grammie loves him and has no worries about crawling into bed with me in the middle of the night after a bad dream. Sweet Harley did his doggy-therapy-duties several nights for Riley snuggled up with him in bed for the whole night. Harley's good that way... he always know who needs his love. (Although Harley would never let me catch him in a photo op!)

This wonderful Christmas season started with taquitos for the Flynns and then again on Boxing day and ended with our traditional waffles with strawberries and whipped cream at midnight on New Year's Eve (even though we started early as soon as the waffles started coming off the irons at 11:45!)

It is the best Christmas I've had in decades! And I am very, very grateful for that rich and wonderful blessing!

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NanaSue said...

I love this post and your wonderful pictures so much. Christmas miracles DO happen.