Feb 18, 2016

Cancún- Having a Great Time. Wish You Were Here!

Doesn't this just look like it should be a postcard with the above inscription? I have to admit that I am having Cancún withdrawals. I would have told you I wasn't feeling any light deprivation this winter but after my brief stint in the sun I find that, yes, I do like the sunshine quite well! And I'm quite pleased with my slightly suntanned arms and legs!

I didn't talk much about our room in my last post... I was still reveling in the fantastic food (I failed to mention that my breakfast favorite was their hot porridge! Oh, I do love my porridge! And all who know me will attest to that!)

THIS... is the view from our balcony! Oh, be still my heart! We love the differing bands of colors that make up the Caribbean.

I realize that I'm the little girl who grew up in an 800 square foot house who's fanciest stay heretofore is Holiday Inn (Hmmm, maybe I'm forgetting the Claremont Hotel in Oakland on our wedding night!) But you will have to admit this is pretty wonderful. This greets the eye when you open the door.

The view looking back at the door. There is a 3/4 bath to the left of the desk. The mini bar was fully stocked with drinks and snacks and the complimentary bottle of champagne that languished on the table for our entire visit.

And the bath area.

Somehow I forgot to get photos of the king-size bed [and bedroom] with TV and chaise lounge, the closet/dressing area, the second huge shower and private toilet area. But all of that took up an equal amount of area as the living area.

Our room is the one right in the center of the picture. The funny thatched umbrella is pointing right at the balcony, one floor down from the top. The bedroom is to the left, the living area on the right.

The first day I hung this pool towel over the railing so I could make sure which room was ours.

This wonderful resort got it right! The zig-zag building layout maximizes the number of rooms with an ocean view. There are 8 swimming pools and one feels totally secluded even though the resort was above 90% occupancy! (You can see my Google marker on this screen shot taken while on the balcony.)

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the beach! One day I spent several hours in this little cabana just chillin', readin', and sippin' cool drinks! Gordon joined me after a bit and we had the nicest time enjoying the view.

This, yes, I could get very used to this!!

So long Paradise...

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