Feb 2, 2016

Liam's 1st Cake Smash

This little happy-boy is 1-year old! I can hardly believe it that this year has passed so quickly. So grateful for this wonderful, happy little soul.

Back in September, when Fiona had her 2nd birthday, Camille & Kevin's oven was on the fritz so I offered to make her cake. So I asked, ever so nicely, even though their oven is fixed, if I could make Liam's cake too.

I used little 3" cake pans to make this tiny layer cake for the birthday boy. Camille and I had talked extensively about color options (has to be chocolate frosting to show up well in the photos) so when I found this Fun-Fetti chocolate frosting I knew it would be the pip!!

I wanted that big-#1 candle to show up so how do I keep the frosting off the center of the cake? Erm... I looked around the kitchen and found that the lid to my big BeauMonte seasoning jar would just do the trick. I put it in the middle, put on the sprinkles, then removed the lid. Voile!

Daddy lit the candle, with help from Miss Bitty, and we sang that cake right into the front room to the birthday boy!

He was anxious to get at his cake.

His first taste was very tentative and timid.

But it didn't take long for him to get right into it. "This tastes pretty good!"

He made good use of the disposable drop-cloth Mama had the foresight to provide by doing some interpretive finger painting...

But not for long... this was way too yummy!

He got two fists-full of cake but would only eat off his right hand.

He even ended up with on his darling little toesies!

By the time Grammie took him away for his wash-off bath (with much protestations) this was all that was left of Grammie's masterpiece. And I couldn't be more pleased!

Lots of family came to witness this happy right of passage including Miss Emmy June (caught mid circus trick)

And Aunt Jessie, who loves all things baby! (I love this wonderful woman!)

I think Kevin summed it up best in this Facebook post-
My amazing son Liam turns one today and I'm feeling so incredibly honoured to be his dad! He makes me smile daily and I can't remember a world without him it because he makes life so much better!! Love you son!!

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