Mar 21, 2016

Bring On The Beach...

... to Grammie's backyard!

Fiona, like her Mama, is very tactile and loves to play in the *soft sand* or dirt. Since Grammie just spread 2 yards (read- 2 Fernando loads) of rich, black compost on ALL of her flowerbeds she [I] needed to provide a less dirty play area for the Bitties!

Enter beach sand! I've seen DIY recipes for play sand on Pinterest so this morning I did a quick search on what ingredients I'd need- other than two eager Bitties! We made a couple of stops to get beach toys and sand.

The table from last night's 3rd Sunday Grammie dinner was still on the deck so I used it to corral the Liam so he didn't topple of the edge.

 photo 21- babies at play_zpssdugel2t.jpg

We mixed the 50 lbs of play sand with 1 lb of cornstarch stirred into 6 cups of water. It made for wonderful beach sand. I plopped Liam right down in the large, somewhat portable (man, is it ever heavy!) repurposed plastic gift wrap container. (Yeah, the gift wrap is hangin' in the dungeon on the floor!)

 photo 21- liam_zpsnxpuvblk.jpg

Miss Bitty unpacked the toys and tried each of them out!

 photo 21- Fiona boat_zpspypmuogj.jpg

We enjoyed almost 2 hours playing in the sand. Liam finally got tired so I stripped him down to shake out the sand and he was ready for a bottle and a nap.

 photo 21- yay_zpskn1acr3q.jpg

As Grampy finished the nap routine of putting Liam down Grammie and Fiona cleaned up. I stripped and dusted her off too but then the call of the sand was just too much...

 photo 21- lets lay down_zpsewxscmdy.jpg

She climbed right in and laid down to have a true beach experience.

 photo 21- up close_zpsd8xoe1lz.jpg

Good thing Grammie knows how to strip and dust babies!

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