Jun 12, 2016

Jude's Quiet Book

Back at the end of March I got a text from Jessica-

So I was off on a mission. The only quiet books I'd ever been involved in previously were not for my family but usually some kind of church project... I have to admit that I HATED MAKING QUIET BOOKS !!

But I've found an interesting fact... when I make something for someone I love I usually end up enjoying the process. This time is no different and I love this whole new creativity outlet. That being said, there is always a HUGE learning curve involved with some new craft and this one was no different. Luckily I was able to use many other skills I've learned along this path-of-life as I made Jude's book.

And here's the happiest piece of news about being creative in 2016... PINTEREST! I'm not good at pulling things out of my head but I'm an adequate copy-artist... give me a picture and I can make a good interpretation of it! I've worked very hard to try to give credit for each of my ideas. Thank you for the generosity of idea sharing!!

Jude's Quiet Book-

This is when it pays off to be a hoarder-of-crafty-stuff-and-fabric! The only thing I had to buy was felt and a few other miscellaneous items.

I had this lovely cowboy fabric and ric-rack left over from a quilt I made for my friend Holly!

The lady bug zipper makes me happy!

Shapey-shaper-tons! I love these! I used mini magnets for these but think I will just go with velcro or snaps next time.

Each shape name is written underneath.

Put on the Whole Armour of God! I really dug deep into my ancient embellishment stash for these trims... some go back 40+ years!

I love this scripture from Ephesians 6:13-17

I found these cute ready-made owls while I was browsing at Hobby Lobby. This is probably the easiest page I made. Next time I will put loops on the ends of the ribbons so it is easier to unsnap. Love these snaps!

This next one may just be my favorite!! I just *winged-it* making the little worm/caterpillar! It took me two tries to get one I really liked! (And a serendipitous accident gave him a bulge part way down his body. I used an old bitty crochet hook saved from doing a L'Oreal Frost and Tip kit eons ago!)


This was another favorite. You'll notice that I included Pluto (he's still a planet in my book)!

I used snaps again here! I color coordinated each planet and snap to make matching easier. (I couldn't find a satisfactory way to write on felt, so I left the names off.)

Sadly the inspiration for this page was an item that is no longer carried on Etsy. So I played around in photoshop with my pinterest photo and made up patterns. (I ended up doing that for many pages. Only two of the ideas came with free or low cost patterns)

I loved the pockets to hold the vehicles.

Counting page. The numbers velcro off. This was my very first page.

This is one of the few pages where the idea came with a pattern page! Bless her!!

The pieces are stored in the sand bucket.

And this is a fun detail.

This one cracks me up...

But last Sunday I had baby-Emmy with me all weekend and took some other pom-poms (I bought a ginormous bag) in a little box for her to play with at church. Erm... let's just say Grammie did a lot of bending to retrieve thrown pom-poms!

Both the front and back covers have pockets to stash extra things or for an "Oops! look what I found!" as you're walking out of your pew!

And the finished spine. I may be back in a few days to do a tutorial on how I bound the finished pages together in a book, or maybe not. Either way I took lots of photos to remind myself how I did it next time I get the bug to make another quiet book.

Jude may not be busy with this quiet book (I've also heard them called busy books) but it sure has kept Grammie busy for 100+ hours!

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