Sep 25, 2016

Scripture Power

This is one of those times when I know that I just have to sit down and write while it is fresh in my mind... now that the dust has settled.

Today was our Primary Sacrament meeting presentation. We worked for the first 8 1/2 months of the year towards this goal. As the 1st counselor in the Primary presidency it is my responsibility to *write* the script... but actually I just organize it... the children all write their own parts. We have monthly themes and during the year, as they give their talks in sharing time, I save their talks and that becomes their part in the Sacrament meeting presentation.

But the *meat and potatoes* of the presentation is ALWAYS the music. These wonderful songs will stay in their hearts for the rest of their lives, recalling the wonderful words of testimony.

The theme this year is *I Know the Scriptures are True*. We are given an outline from the General Primary, with a topic and song each month, but we are also given some discretion in adding songs. I knew that we needed to add *Scripture Power*. I love that song, mostly because it describes how the scriptures have blessed MY life.

I love the symbols of the *Sword of Truth* and the *Shield of Faith*. As I walked and sang last January I knew I NEEDED to get a *for real* sword of truth and shield of faith to use each time we sang the song. (they just so happen to sell them at Walmart! OK... I did add the lettering!)

A couple of weeks ago Brother Paul Bartholomew came and took photos of the children for our program cover. I then took the PDF file that I used to make the bulletin boards at the beginning of the year and cut and pasted all of the individual letters onto a digital ribbon to make tiny banners like we have in the primary room. (I spent one whole Sunday afternoon doing this)

The Junior Primary
The Senior Primary

Because I know the limitations of my little-girl-brain I always start early and have everything written and organized so that at the last minute I can just go on auto-pilot. I'm so grateful that I've learned how to deal with my learning/processing handicaps. I always make sure the children know that Primary is a safe place. We don't want anyone to feel stressed, anxious or uncomfortable. Each year we have children who struggle, just like little-Joanie used to, and I want them to know that I have their backs.


I'm so grateful to be with these wonderful children in Primary! They were wonderful, not only today, during the presentation, but during the two practices we had this last week. I'm blessed to work with wonderful sisters (and brothers) who love and teach these sweet spirits.

Traditionally Primary presidencies are call to serve for 3 years. Sadly, it was three years ago this week that we were called. Of course, nothing is set in stone but I am sad at the thought that I might not be with the children and that, likely, this was my last program.

I've set the bar high. I expect them to be reverent, to do their best and sing their hearts out... and you know what? They always do!

But here's the other thing... I will love to serve where ever the Lord needs me... because He's always right there with me.

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