Oct 12, 2016

Things To Do...

Yup... that's just what we did!

We've been looking for a new door for the last while. I see the *special buys*  frequently at Home Depot. A couple of months ago I was all excited about an oak front door but then Gordon reminded me that our door faces NNW so it gets the hot summer sun AND the winter rain, snow and wind. Probably not such a good idea!

But Tuesday, when I was at my same favorite store I saw THIS DOOR-

I was immediately in love... looks like oak... but is fiberglass. I took a photo, came home, showed Gordon, told him the smokin' price and, as you see, we went and bought this beautiful door. We knew it was THE DOOR when we saw the name- FEATHER RIVER ... that is where I was raised! The Feather River Canyon in Northern (way northern) California.

I contacted our handy-dandy son, Kevin and he agreed to come install it that same night! What a guy! Kevin removed the old door and tore out the frame. It wasn't until we were *dry* fitting the new door we realized that the jamb of the new door is 2 inches smaller than our exterior walls!!

Now what?? The door frame was in pieces on the front lawn! Luckily we had a piece of siding left over from fixing the shed a few years ago so Kev screwed it up to keep out the fruit-flies and other pests!

I decided that I needed to put a note on the *new* front door today so I grabbed this paper off the pad on the fridge and laughed right out loud! I KNEW the first thing on the *things to do* list needed to say GET A NEW FRONT DOOR! Then I added the admonition to KNOCK LOUDLY!

And not too long after some poor pest pest control salesman banged on the door. I kind of like the non-approach-ability of talking through the front window! Bwahahaha!

And did you can see my freshly painted walls (which I never blogged about A MONTH AGO 'cuz I've just been too busy... and my freshly painted old door?) I love the color, but I love the color's names even more! Lighter color = bunny grey, darker color = sweatshirt grey! A bunny wearing a sweatshirt!

And a Grammie-bunny doing the painting...


Here is another funny aside... this is my 25 year old painting shirt! I have paint from many jobs including Bekah's dark chocolate milkshake walls that we painted 16 years ago when that Gotcha shirt was already old!

BTW- We are patiently waiting for a new correctly-sized door jamb to be built for our *special buy pre-hung* door.

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