Jan 8, 2017

It's All About My Finger!

 I've said this before, I'm pretty sure that most people really don't care what I blog about BUT since this is MY blog I get to choose what goes here! I kinda like that!

I've been editing my way though my 2016 blog book and have gotten to all of the drama about hacking off the side of my finger last June with my rotary cutter. I took lots of photos, few of which turned up here, on Instagram or Facebook. I save the gnarly ones, or should I say I save my friends from the gnarly ones. The brave of heart can come read my blog book if they are really that interested.

I've added periodic photo updates on the healing process to my book. It is still startling to me how long it took to finally heal. I guess that was a whole-hunk-a-lot-o-skin to grow back. I'm just grateful for a strong and healthy body. I didn't have any infections or complications. I do still have some soreness on the outside of that poor little fingee!

I was showing Deborah and Camille my finger while they were here at Christmas time and told them that previously this had been my favorite finger.

They laughed! Who has a favorite finger? Well, me I guess! I just liked the shape of the finger, the nail bed and slight twist to it. Odd, but there you are.

So this is the healed digit tonight- nearly 7 months later.

I still have a flat, hard spot right along the cuticle where I think it is still trying to fill in that gaping hole.

But this is the one that shows just how much is still gone. It used to be plump on both sides!

And you know I always have a funny story...

We had a spiral cut ham while Spencer's family was here. It was delicious! I normally put the ham bone aside to make split-pea soup but the sliced ham went so fast that I pulled it out of the freezer and was going to slice up what was left. Deb was sitting at the counter talking to me. With my first cut I absentmindedly put the sharp blade right on the nail of that same finger...

Deb said, "Grammie, I'm taking that knife away from you!"

Thanks for saving me from myself sweetie!!

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