Jan 3, 2017

Snow Day!

Way back in December 2008 I took a photo-a-day challenge that morphed into a 25 month-long journey of a photo AND a post everyday. So when I noticed that last year, 2016, I only had 17 posts I was more than a little disappointed! Granted now I do more on Instagram and Facebook but somehow many of the wonderful photos languished on the hard drive of my laptop and the stories in  my poor little brain!

So this year I hope to do much better.

This day is the second time in the last 10 days that we've gotten a *dumper* of a storm! And all I have to say about all this snow is HALLELUJAH!

Is it a stinkin' lot of work to move 18" of snow? You bet. Do I do it all myself? You bet. I spent the better part of 4 hours this morning moving snow, erm, and then moving it again after the snowplows came through the neighborhood and filled up the newly cleaned mailbox access and driveway.

The snow is so deep that it covered the exhaust manifold of my cute little snowblower. But this little machine is a real worker. I've used vacuum cleaners that are harder to use than this snowblower! Although I really have to put my back and/or legs into it to move through the deep snow. Ah, the disadvantage of being short in stature!

Our last 3 winters have been pitifully short on snow. Now did I enjoy those temperate winters. YOU BET! But I'm a smart enough girl to know that we NEED this wonderful snow to make it through the long dry summers.

I love how the snow made these darling little cones on top of my gate posts. And since we have our attention on this side of my house I have to add that I gave up today and moved the garbage and recycle cans into the garage. It will eliminate a big stretch of concrete that has to be cleared. Fernando can just have a pleasant winter home over there until March or April. (He only has one wheel drive anyway!) 

I love my happy little winter home. I'm so very grateful for a safe, warm, dry, comfortable home!

One of the tasks that is always part of my snow removal it a clear path for our mail lady. She finally made it to my neighborhood about 5pm! The thought occurred to me to leave her a little treat. I noticed when I was out on errands later that many mailboxes are just buried.

It always makes me remember my own dear Mama who drove the rural mail route in Greenville, CA for 13+ years before she had to take leave because of her ovarian cancer.

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