Jun 6, 2009

157- And They Were Taught

Last night I had over-night-Grammie-duties at our son's house. I always look forward to these times with my grandchildren. I'm always so impressed at how well they have been taught by their parents.

This isn't the first night I've been there to do the *bed-time rountine*... but this time I had my camera with me. These little kids (ha!! Ashton is almost as tall as I am and she's not even 10 yet!!!) are so good about their bedtime and the things they need to do to prepare for bed. I just marvel at how good they are.

First there is scripture time. I love the fact that this giant Book of Mormon is almost used up. It shows that it has gotten lots of use. Ash helps the little ones when it is their turn to read (I remember when that was Grammie's job!)


Next they have prayer. I just couldn't resist getting this shot of Roxie! What a cutie! She was the family prayer person! (I asked her to do it again so I could get this picture!)


Then it was off to bed with lots of hugs and kisses between the siblings and from Grammie.

This morning the kids were up bright and early, as usual, but the stayed quiet so *poor* Grammie could sleep in until 7:30! Before we were even finished with breakfast Christian was outside watering their garden.

Yes, they have been well taught by their parents. I wonder if they (the collective they... all of our grandchildren) realize how lucky they are to have such good and loving parents. Probably not... it is just the way it is...


Jessica said...

I love those sweet pictures. Especially the prayer one. How cute are they? Thanks for the sweet post, too. And thanks for watching the kids!

Mom and Dad said...

You have a gift for photography that tells a story. Think your heart has connect with your lens. What a great blessing families are, the fact our children do wonderful things with our graldchildren and that we are privileged to play a part with them. What sweet kiddies, the Biggies and the Little-ies!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I am always amazed by how well we train our kids. When I get them in kindergarten they are holy terrors...most of them anyway. But then I see these little ones who get so much love and care and training at home, and I am amazed at what they know. Fabulous loving parent!