Jun 8, 2009

159- Miniature Roses

I think I've mentioned that we're having the nicest spring here. I don't remember any spring that has been consistently this nice and temperate. We've gone a month or more without using the heater or the air conditioner! What a treat!

The other up side of this condition is that my garden is happier than it has ever been. My flowers and lawn are thriving. I have two miniature rose bushes (not to be confused with rose bushes that are miniature!) that I've let grow quite large. They are just covered with their tiny, intricate blossoms.


As I was pulling out of the driveway on Friday I noticed that the pink blossoms are just exquisite! They are light pink on the outer petals and almost electric pink in the centers. You have to keep in mind that this little blossom is only about 1.75" in diameter.

It just makes me happy to see them.

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Dean and Sheri said...

oh Joanie...I want to "cut and paste" this photo into my garden!